Find a Port Douglas tour to the Great Barrier Reef!

Port Douglas is the closest town and departure point to the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef, with more than a dozen tours departing daily to the outer reef and Low Isles inner reef areas.  Port Douglas Great Barrier Reef tours explore a number of reef systems along the Great Barrier Reef, which are some of the most pristine.  You can also access the Great Barrier Reef on a half-day snorkelling tour from Cape Tribulation, so you can explore the most northern reef our operators venture to. There is a large reef fleet that departs Port Douglas each day, each offering a day or half day tour to the outer reef and Low Isles. The key to choosing your experience depends on who you are travelling with and what you feel like doing for the day – diving, snorkelling, both, or staying dry!

Choosing a Great Barrier Reef tour

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest and most spectacular coral reef system ready for you to explore, whether it’s deep under the surface scuba diving, viewing from above as you snorkel or perhaps from a glass-bottomed boat. There are over 6 600 special of flora and fauna, including 1 500 species of fish, 4 000 species of molluscs and 400 types of coral – the tricky bit is counting how many you see! Port Douglas tours to the Great Barrier Reef will get you there quicker and will take you to dive sites of the most pristine parts of the reef including Agincourt, Opal, St. Crispin, Ribbon and Tongue reefs.

Outer Barrier Reef tours can be a full or half day adventure, they can stop at a pontoon or multiple sites and they can offer snorkelling, diving, or both. Some tours also offer ‘stay dry’ options including glass-bottomed boats and semi-submersibles so that all reef goers can enjoy nature’s playground.

Low Isles is a coral island located 15 km (8 nautical miles) off the coast of Port Douglas and is an ideal spot for an inner reef adventure, if you wish to travel only a short distance. Low Isles is a protected coral cay and with strict visitor restrictions, you will enjoy your island paradise with only a small number of other guests. There is an abundance of sea life and coral and is the home of a large population of turtles. Spot them while snorkelling, on a glass bottom boat tour, or from above while on a Stand Up Paddle boarding tour. You can explore Low Island and learn about the island’s history and natural environment. Swim in the lagoon bay and see the active lighthouse – you might even see Low Island’s sole resident caretaker.

Tours to Low Isles from Port Douglas can be on a full or half-day excursion, and some luxury boats offer ‘adults only’ experiences and small passenger numbers. Half-day options leave in the morning and afternoon, with family friendly and adults only options. The island is great for young children and visitors who enjoy having land close by when swimming. Snorkelling right off the lagoon beach is easy and a great place to sea life!

If you are travelling with friends or another family group, or perhaps you would like to spoil your loved one with some privacy and a day (or days) of decadence on the Great Barrier Reef, a private charter is a perfect option. From luxury yachts to specialty charter vessels, you can venture out and explore parts of the reef the day visitors can’t get to and have the reef all to yourself.